190622 Park Bogum in Manila – Dancing What Is Love, Pretty U, Boy with Luv + Singing Must Have Love


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  1. 보검이남방 고모부가 입을땐 동남아사기꾼같아보엿는데..보검이가 입으니깐
    괜찮은 남방이엇구나?

  2. he is very very but very handsome boy não existe ator mais lindo que ele e nem tão perfeito e completo nasceu pra ser artista

  3. i love u park bo gum
    you so handsome and cute
    total package
    can dance,singing,playing piano and drama hay luv luv park bo gum

  4. He did his best out of everything….but his some gestures remain me #leeminho… may be I miss him a lot…. thanks a lot parkbogum… love u…😘😘

  5. PBG is really very cute and adorable! And he acts, sings, plays the piano, dances, and speaks English well! Wow😘🤗

  6. sorry pero I'm feeling awkward sa sayaw ni Park bo gum 🙇🏼‍♀️!!! dapat BTS sayaw nya para mas maangas ang dating 😎.. but I'm still fan gurl parin ni Park bo gum 😂😘😘


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