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  1. Any way to get Mr kesarajav out of the video travel game? There are several places that I will not go to based on his videos and I think he is doing a disservice to the hotels – Im talking about Maldives, Bali, thailand – Thankfully he is not posting in Cambodia or Laos – Now I will probably see him in Viet although I think that is too far from his home.

  2. This place is close to my house but I think I never have any money in it even for 1 night because the 1-night room rent there is equivalent to me living for 2 years so I am very sad about this Lol

  3. Thank you so much, beautiful videos and amazing music. Can you share with me about the music that you choice?

  4. My work colleague deals with Vietnam,she always goes on about how lovely this place is and I can see why now.Hoping this virus nonsense will clear up soon as I’m due to go out to south east Asia in June,I’ll see if I’ve got the time too go and take a good look round myself as it does look fantastic,you’re video on the four seasons in Thailand is great too,been there myself very peaceful,always makes for great viewing your videos,,,,,

  5. Does anyone knows how theses hotels manage mosquitos and flies in these tropical places? Everything is open to the outside

  6. Too many stairs.. this is definitely not elderly and handicapped friendly place. Great for young active people. Love all the sceneries!

  7. Thank you for posting, I watch all your videos, but his one puts in me in a wonderful calm and peaceful state of mind.

  8. Your videos are amazing!! I highly suggest you get a nice 4K camera to do footage, the footage you manage to capture would look stunning in such high resolution!

  9. After I watched this video I was in awe. I can't believe places like this exist. I keep daydreaming. Watching your videos is my relaxation. Thank you.

  10. How come a hotel was allowed to be built inside a national park? Regardless of it being considered as peace or whatever nature friendly, the hotel will ruin the scenery and the habitat all along. The commies must have been paid well behind the door.

  11. I LOVE this Vlog – the walk on the beach, the White tuberose in the blue vase, the amazing infinity pools, the views, the smiling staffs… and the beautiful music accompanying this vlog. Thank you for taking time to give us an experience of Amanoi.

  12. Thank you for the music as so misterious and atmospheric soundtrack! Please, we'd like to know who it has been written and played by..

  13. I guess they don't want handicapped customers in the hotel my wheelchair doesn't do stairs it's too bad it is truly beautiful.


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