Gravitas: After coronavirus, a new disease kills one in China


The Wuhan Coronavirus is still spreading. But in China, the Hantavirus has now taken one life. WION’s Palki tells you all that you need to know.

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  1. America had this in New Mexico & in Miami, FL after Hurricane Andrew destroyed Homestead & Miami in 1992-93. Rats had ibfested the piled up debris from that Hurricane.

  2. "Hantavirus is more deadly than coronavirus"

    God damn it….

    "Passed from infected rodents"

    Me realizes I have cats and that I heard of this virus before: Oh ok. I'll only worry about the coronavirus right now

  3. Yes people singing this hantavirus has been around a long time I remember hearing it talking with some AIDS patients back in the 90s about this mouse carrying virus

  4. What the hell! The Hanta virus is NOT fucking new. I hope you all are doing your research and are not hanging of these news outlets teets; no some "My Momma said" non sense. For those that do not know, Coronavirus is not new either. Maybe it sounds better than SARS 2.0. You remember SARS right?
    These bullshit headlines are driving me crazy and they should be ashamed of using these clickbait like tactics to generate traffic.
    Be safe, and stay informed everybody.

  5. Start Carpet Bombing China Now!!! We could nuke them if we evacuate our cities now, retaliation will be minimal. Our people are dying from corona anyway. Fire bombing will kill all those infected.

  6. "It's curious that no one finds that racist."

    Jim Acosta should subscribe to this channel, since he knows nothing about reporting.

  7. She keeps calling this the Wuhan virus. I thought that was supposed to be racist towards the Chinese.

  8. Fking China. Eat nonsense, rodents, bats, wolf etc..
    Bustards. GO TO HELL alone don't bring other nations with u!!!

  9. Can we just remove china from the world? They like to give out viruses like it's fucking christmas!


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