How to get from Cam Ranh Airport(CXR)-Nha Trang centre/Vietnam 2018. 🇻🇳


In this video I’m going to walk you through how to get a bus from Cam Ranh Airport(CXR) -Nha Trang centre 2018. 🇻🇳

In our experienced it was very easy and we didn’t wait at all to get into the bus as what I have searched that you have to wait a bit more for the bus.

Very smooth processed, I was really surprised and lucky 🍀 I think.

In my searched, I found this link very useful 👇


Waterfall directly to the ocean? 😱😱

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“travel4ever/guide” 😎


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  1. hi….I wanna know , where is a drop off point at city centre…Is it near by the hotel that we booked ???

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