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Which has the Best Camera? Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (P40 Pro & S20+) – comparing Photos, Portraits, Zoom Lens, Selfies, Videos & More!
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  1. I'd give the slight edge to the P40 due to better color accuracy; as someone who uses a P30 Pro I'm fed up with over saturated images.

  2. I go to concerts and I care a lot about the quality of the videos and the sound quality I make at the concert especially cause I sometimes sit far away, which one should I get?

  3. I've been using p20 for 2 years but i heard the new models won't have any Google apps nor Netflix on them I'm planning to switch to s20. Can't live without my Google maps and Netflix 😂

  4. After watching the comparison (and having a P20 pro myself) and debating between the S20+ compared to P40 Pro, I would say the P40 pro comes out on top, and this is coming from someone who has genuinely considered the S20+ but needed comparisons between the phones. Thanks for the insight, p40 pro wins for me 🙂

  5. Well, I will pick P40 Pro, night mode is definitely the winner. And I prefer the portrait shot too. It may have little flaws on video stabilisation, hope Huawei can improve it by updating patches via OTA.

  6. s20 has the signature sharpened pictures. It looks nice when it is on other people's phones but gets annoying when it is on yours.

  7. This is definitely a difficult choice. I think both phones are great phones. Probably it's a matter of taste. But I'm in the exynos zone so I would still go for p40 pro.

  8. I don't see how Huawei wins when you're talking about comparing realistic colors and shows difference like Samsung shows its actual dark there, huawei makes it look like you turned light on so it confuses the user. But people like always bright stuff. So who says huawei wins for so many things. You gotta compare with outside the actual object colors and see how phones take it now by your favoritism, not good enough review, someone who likes huawei more.


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