Jeon So Min "I have to be Haha's daughter" [Running Man Ep 450]


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  1. Idk, somim its wayyyyy to cute, she just look like baby even not doing anything, she has a natural aegyo…!!(luv her)

  2. As much as Haha makes fun of Somin and teases her, he can't deny that he wants a daughter like her lol. Love the chemistry between the members

  3. Watching somin 'appang' here is veryyyy cute 😍 but, i wonder how it feels without the sound effects and background music. Wasn't it awkward 😂

  4. Haha wanted a daughter so bad… I think because of that when Somin said that she is suitable to be haha daughter, it hit his mind and make him touched

  5. So min is just so cute ❤️. And are there still haters of her? Lmao! She's been like this since her first day. She is a natural for variety shows take that or kys 😂

  6. I am very2 like song ji hyo.. big fan of her. When jeon so min come out as a running man members frankly i really dont like her but i am not hate her. I am continuosly watching rm and now i am fall in love with her.. i like her so much, she is so funny while ji hyo is serious 😊.. thats all.
    I really really like both of them SJH and JSM ❤

  7. Haha is so handsome, SJH is always gorgeous, JK looks young, YJS and YSC funny comments about their lips and EASY BROTHERS in the same team, Somin little cringy but cute aegyo😻❤️

  8. This is my opinion (plz no judging) I dont like the way of an over-30-year-old lady being so childlish and not thoughtful. Its just like shes 34 and shes trying to be 8 again? Sry for taking an example like this but we all know we have to do things that suits ourselves, I feel like Im looking a another version of jojo siwan (no offense) dont tell me that shes just trying to be hilarious, for me it isnt funny at all becuz a 12-year-old plus show with some of 19+ scences.

  9. please stop negative comments..hate sechan,hate somin…stop watch rm..many people still love them…and i love all rm hate please..appreciated their works ok..they trying to be funny for us..😙

  10. Swear when haha pari with so min its so much hilarious funny. Really so much makes me laughing. Looks and preview their pair. Laughing to much


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