mentor lisa in a nutshell


so lisa on youth with you is basically just her fangirling over trainees, ranting about bottles and being scary #lisa #blackpink #youthwithyou.


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  1. When she said the girl had more potential to be a girl group member because of her long hair and Kun told her not everyone is the same,, a king🥴💅🏼

  2. Trainee:I have been training for abt 2 months.
    Lisa: shook

    I don't know what would her reaction be when she met Olivia Hye lol

  3. Now I see a very mature lisa but I didn’t said that she’s immature okay😂 what I mean is I saw her more serious side but still with a little hint of cuteness😍 I really love her❤️

  4. This made me literally fall in love with her even more, her teaching them and showing them what they should be doing was amazing. Also when she's serious I find it hot in my opinion.

  5. I would automatically stan the girls that Lisa hugged if they were to debut as a group together, like, they are so cute I'm crying from how wholesome their reaction to hugging Lisa was!!🥰

  6. Mentor Lisa is like my English teacher. She she can be really strict and correct our mistakes in essays when needed. She even lectures our class when we're too noisy but she can be the sweetest teacher ever. We could even have small chats with her and get hugs.


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