Park Bo-gum wins Kwon Na-ra over with his cooking skills | Itaewon Class Ep 16 [ENG SUB]


As if anyone could say no to Park Bo-gum. Looks like we’ll be dining at that Kwon Na-ra’s restaurant often… for the food, of course. 😉

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  1. kwon nara expression and word at the end is really detail
    she has potential to be great if she choose well. dont choose stupid crime drama, choose romance drama 🙂

  2. This man park bo gum is all in one package of handsomeness,cuteness and sweetness my eyes will have diabetes and when he opens his mouth and those sweet words come out of his mouth this will be my death I want more dramas of him so I can binge watch him continuously movies gonna feel real short………

  3. She looks so happy now compared to when she was working at Janga. I’m so glad she decided to take them down and started her own restaurant and live her life. 💗

  4. Park Bogum? I would hire him even if he doesn't cook well. I'll make him a server. With his looks alone, my restaurant will be fully booked everday 😊

  5. They need season 2 when Sooya and Saeroyi are rivals but then in the end starts loving each other and gets married. This would be a great drama. Who agrees?? Comment below ⬇️

  6. Even a lot of people don’t like Soo ah, and me too sometimes get annoy by her, I know that she has reason for doing what she does. Throughout this drama I always remember her conversation with Saeroyi’s father. She has her own goal that she has to achieve. And in the end she did it. She has really interesting story line. And I love it. Kwon Nara nailed this performance, and she looks so stunning in this drama.


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