THE ANAM | Brand Video 2018


The Anam is the first five-star colonial-style beach resort in Vietnam – a sanctuary of contemporary luxury that harks back to earlier days. From the architecture and design, right down to the slightest details, our guests will feel they have traveled back to the late 19th or early 20th century.

The resort’s design was influenced by Vietnam’s Indochine era and the property’s romantic appeal draws on this particular epoch. The imperial-style roofs, lanterns, big-bellied water vases, decorative pools, customized mosaic floor tiles and stone pathways evoke a sentimental quality. A sense of nostalgia that is backed up by personalized yet understated service so that guests will almost consider the resort staff to be in their private employ. The Anam does not just provide a sanctuary of serenity and service, but the true warmth and hospitality of a bygone age.

The Anam © 2018


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