The Huawei P40 Pro is refinement done right. (Review!)


The Huawei P40 Pro improves on the P30 in the right ways.
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  1. All the people suggesting you don't buy anything from China, wakey wakey! You are aware that there are very few phones not made in China, aren't you? Your lovely shiny iPhones, designed in California, made in China…it's on the back of the box if you care to look. Samsung phones…they are a Chinese company, they are made in China. The vast majority of the tech stuff you buy will be at the very least assembled in China, so if you want a phone at all, good luck finding one that isn't made in China!

  2. Excellent colour accuracy from the Huawei. More realistic n true to life unlike those fake Samsung photos that make u feel like living in a Pixar world.

  3. No one gives a shit about refinement if you can’t run the proper apps on it. Once again, as per previous Huawei phones, specs that look amazing on paper with subpar results.. typical

  4. Despite the US ban, Huawei holds the innovation and strength of the company. Huawei should keep this up!

  5. Just wait for the next iteration and that biscuit (cookie) on the rear cameras will be gone. Also, just wait until it has Android. 😛

  6. Media and advertise ain't right. My p20pro in time I press finger print it on screen so all rubbish and p20pro yet better than all other new phones but less zoom in camera

  7. Realy ! Most photography experts said huawei p40 pro is the king of photos . And go chek DXO mark …p40 pro best camera best photo best video best selfie you just prefer iphone

  8. nice subjective opinion on google services, which are completely overrated. if anyone wants this phone but is worried about the google shit, just buy it. the alternative apps are the same if not better, and worst case u can always get them on your phone with other methods.

  9. Why's everyone making a big fuss about the google thing on Huawei? Stop using an andoid phone if you don't know how to install an app without google play or whatever they are calling it now. I never used it even before they banned it from Huawei.


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