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The Mother of Exiles. New episodes of Westworld air Sundays on HBO. #HBO #Westworld
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Follow the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin in this dark odyssey that begins in a world where every human appetite can be indulged. Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel, Lena Waithe and Scott Mescudi join Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and more for the upcoming third season, which will explore questions about the nature of our reality, free will and what makes us human.

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Westworld: Season 3 Episode 4 Promo | HBO

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  1. Episode 4 had noooo business being that good. (Spoiler) I cant fucking believe we got that fight between Dolores and Stubbs. She fights like John Wick 😍

  2. So I'm guessing either Wyatt(Dolores), or her dad are inside Charlotte Hale. 
    Last season we saw:
    Dolores(Wyatt) leaves in Hales body with 5 pearls. The next thing we see is Hale and the original Dolores. creating Bernard. If Dolores(Wyatt) was inside Hale then there was no one to put her pearl inside the original Dolore-body ones created. So its either Wyatt(Dolores) and she being Dolores(Wyatt) or it's Peter Abernathy her dad.


    "I know who the fuck I AM… 'Cause I'm Slim Shady the real Slim Shady yes I'm the real Shady All you other Slim Shadys…"

  4. One of the best TV shows in history and one that doesn't benefit from a week to week episode release and a two year gap between seasons. I've seen so many peope who gave up because it got too complicted. Yes, it's not an easy show. But once you get it (and it took me a rewatch of both seasons to do so), it's brilliant and pure art almost like literature.

  5. this series is gonna be the next "the walking dead", The true never ending stories…just like the hell what Ford made.

  6. Szép új világ ,technológia orrba – szájba, de egy dolog ami a legfontosabb NEM LETT KIVÉVE, ez pedig a PÉNZ, holott a történet ugye a távolabbi jövőben játszódik, de úgy tűnik még egy ilyen vízionált jövőben is igen komoly szerep jut neki,innentől kezdve már bocsánat, de elb@..ott az egész. Tehát az alapelvek a régiek. Így az indítékok, célok is változatlanok sajnálatos módon 🙁

  7. Clementine, just like Dolores, just like Angela are some of the original Hosts.. That's why they "know each other" so well..
    I believe Angela is in the body of the bodyguard cause she likes to play with her victims and manipulate others…
    Clementine spend more time with Charlotte than Dolores so she trusts her to do the job.. Also, when she saw Charlotte's husband her first instinct was to have sex with him!! Angela, Dolores, William, Teddy NO ONE would do something like this except Clementine.. That's what she did in Westworld too!!

  8. love this new season of Westworld but .. the new guy.. Aaron Paul doesn't convince me much, he doesn't seem suit there or near with Evan, maybe another actor or another kind of character like a child, or teenager out of all combat skills but with a stronger will.. would be more interesting.

  9. This show is a work of art, they spend a huge budget on scenery and sets, in my own opinion a much better version of game of thrones

  10. serac blonde girl looks perfect, must be an AI. then the war will be between the AIs, one that believes in the value of humans (team Dolores) and the other that does not believe in them (big ball Insight). Then the man in black is revived by the AI ​​(I hope Dolores's team)to helps in the war, in the distant future. Ford saw the future and wanted to create a singularity to help humanity.


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