WESTWORLD SEASON 3 Who Is In Charlotte Hale's Body? BEST Fan Theories


WESTWORLD SEASON 3 Who Is In Charlotte Hale’s Body? BEST Fan Theories. We recap Westworld Season 3 to discuss why Wyatt/Teddy/Clementine/Angela/Caleb/The Man In Black may be in Charlotte Hale’s Body.

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Who Is In Charlotte Hale’s Body?

Ok so right up top we’re gonna be telling you the choices up top just so you know who we’ll be covering as they get weirder and weirder. The obvious ones are Teddy, Clementine, The Man In Black, Abernathy and Angela but the more obscure theories are the twisted personality of Dolores aka Wyatt and Caleb himself.

I know that last one sounds crazy but as we get further into the video you’ll see there’s actually a tonne of evidence for them.

Whoever is in host is clearly having an identity crisis and though we do know that they destroyed the body that they were initially in. When Dolores left the park she had an intact copy of Hale, however as we saw the need to rebuild the shell in the opening of episode 3, we can assume that this is because it was torn apart.

Hale is clearly doing this again and though there is lip service to the real Hale wanting to break free, I do believe that this may be the machine version of Schizophrenia. So yes, A.I.’s can have mental health issues too.

The one host that we know it isn’t is Bernard. Though he was taken out of the park with Dolores, he was shown to Hale in Episode 3 so we can pretty much rule him out of being an accomplice.


Now firstly is Teddy. This is probably the most obvious choice out of every character but just because he’s the go to doesn’t mean that he should be ruled out.

Dolores and whoever is masquerading as Hale clearly know each other very well. They share very intimate moments with one another in which they discuss their pasts and shared history and thus it’s a safe bet that the host has a connection to Dolores much in the same way that Teddy did.

Teddy apparently went to host heaven in Season 2 after shooting himself but that doesn’t mean he cannot return.

Obviously James Marsden has been asked several times whether he would return to the show and when speaking to comicbook.com he stated.

“I mean, I’m not allowed to say anything. But I would say that just based on your hypothesis, if he’s died 4,000 times then I would say that the odds are probably strong. Yeah. And you know, But it’s a question I can’t answer. And I think time will tell.”

So Marsden is hinting that he may return and what better way to do it than through an enigmatic new form.

Hale does clearly know that Hale is the face of the enemy which is knowledge that Teddy would have so this does make a tonne of sense.

However, as mentioned, it does just seem to on the nose for me and for a show that prides itself on having twists I can’t see Teddy being the one inside.

The Man In Black

The next choice that I don’t think is the case is The Man In Black. Though never out and out confirmed as a host, the post credits scene of Season 2 did indeed hint that something was up with the character.

After apparently killing his daughter during the season The Man In Black finally reached ‘The Door’ which was the destination he had been searching for for what seemed likfe a lifetime.

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  2. The most convincing theory of who Hale is, is that of her being Teddy. I'm very excited on this part of the show. Hope they give justice on who Hale is after all.

  3. I think, Cheery & welcoming Dolores who don't seek the real world should be inside hale. And the villain Wyatt who want to dominate the virtual world and destroy the real world should be as Lara aka Dolores. That's my theory..

  4. Its Dolores because she says so when she tells dolores she doesnt know who she is and then you see them sleeping next to each other. Im surprised that teddy is inside the japanese yakuza boss

  5. I enjoyed your review you really got under the bonnet of the story. I'll continue to watch I can't call myself a fan of the show. The production is top post-production fantastic acting top rate. But storytelling . Thanks for your explanation 👍🤧✌️🤪

  6. Plz explore Bernarnold. They might do it to throw us off. …it’s a simulation so someone is trying to find out how to defeat Bernarnold or turn him? He relates to Hale’s son due to his own son… explaining his rxn to the molester? Although there doesn’t actually seem to be great warmth for Hale’s son. Who knows her better than Arnold? Maybe they split Arnold and Bernard (whatever that means) Anyway… further analysis/data needed.

  7. Does anyone even care anymore about this boring and confusing show? I can't believe I keeper my hbo subscription for this mess. The first season was great, the second dragged but had some very good moments. This is a mess. The acting and chemistry is off, it looks like HBO made budget cuts, the new characters suck and the plot makes no sense.

  8. For now i am still going for the easy answer which is Teddy because out of all hosts teddy is the one who have the most emotional baggage, but lets see

  9. Well, based on the episode that just came out, its revealed Dolores made copies of herself and all the fake people are in fact Dolores clones

  10. Great content! I didn't even really think that Hale has someone in her. I figured she was a fresh boot/personality (which I think is the case). But knowing Westworld there will be a twist.

  11. I think it might be William because he’s the only one with experience running Delos. And he is the only one that is a copy of a real person which would explain the self harm. His mind is not accepting the new body similar to how Delos was not accepting his new body when they ran experiments on him.

  12. Even before the latest episode I don't know how so many people have forgotten the end of Season 2? The last appearance of Charlotte's body was with Delores' personality.

  13. It’s Angela, a really old host, totally loyal to Delores through the end of last season. And it’s definitely a female reaction looking in the mirror, why her? Hurt. She points out that Charlotte had tried to kill them, Charlotte didn’t try to kill Abernathy, Bernard, or William. Knowing who they were, what could be in Abernathy’s head, she never wanted to kill the three mentioned here. I’ll maybe go for Teddy, but, Delores seemed to perceive Teddy as weak near the end of Season 2.

  14. Maybe for once, since we expect this show to keep time jumping, for once it won't time jump except minorly between characters. Perhaps Dolores took a fewparts of her wyatt self she didnt want and combined it with the majority of the innocent parts of Dolores to make a version of herself that will obey her words and she can control easily, but can also defend herself when the time is needed and if it goes off the rails it doesnt involve her. Esp after 'hale' said it feels like hale is trying to take control back, like wyatt took control over Dolores. Dunno, maybe lol

  15. Dolores is sounding a lot like Ford this season, even some of her facial expressions. What if Charlotte is the real Dolores/Wyatt, who had to find herself again. Maybe Ford isn't done yet. Ford vs Serac/rehoboam.


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