Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic


hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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  1. Oh shit I didn’t realize this person was that well known and I remember seeing a video of hers and thinking wOw,…,,… that’s rEaLlY gOoD aDvIcE

  2. Are you Australian darlin? It always makes me happy when I hear our accent.
    Ok this 39 year old bird is aging out. Chasing young boys, as cute as they are, may appear like she’s in control of her love life, but even they’re not hanging around for long are they? At best she gets drive-by pashed. Obsessed with young boys while attempting to verbally trash young girls? Please women, unfollow these chick cos she’s not teaching you anything that will be useful as you come up. I want so much more for our future women, than this shallow, low vibrating hate speech. Please, trust me!

  3. We knew she likes young men which is ok when it's 2 consenting adults however 16 – 17 year old little boys is not an adult! She has a lot of explaining to do

  4. The last thing I would ever do is take relationship advice from someone who isn't married or in a relationship. How are you going to tell people what they should and shouldn't do in a relationship when you're not even in one? She is such a creep. If a man ever said the things she has about younger guys about younger girls we all know what would've happened to that guy. Why/how is she even still on YouTube or any social media platform?

  5. I just posted a vid on her. Not sure if the tags are working under it* just it out for more commentary – https://youtu.be/GpCzrmujMnM

  6. I'm new here, and all I can think about is how admirable your facial structure is. I admit it sounds weird, but it's meant to be a compliment. Also I like your sweater.

  7. On the subject of couples, her comment about "Love Is Blind" couple Lauren and Cameron, saying that Cameron was lame. She goes on to say black women think that white guys are "lame" like Cameron and that Lauren could do better. Cameron is a financially successful nerd who is also fit. Considering that Shallon is not successful with her own relationships, she may not have any room judging other women's SO choices.

  8. Please can you react to James Charles show i refuse to watch it myself lol but I wanna watch you make videos about it

  9. She really isn't that bad…
    She has a "gossip channel", and she owns that. There are tons of "gossip channels". Everyone is making videos about her; I feel like she is getting "dog-piled" and it isn't cool.
    (And this isn't the first comment I've made about this subject)

  10. I've just known her, and I already hate her 😂😂 god why do people follow these kind of people ?
    I don't know how it goes in the US but in France the term therapist is not regulated so literally everyone can claim to be a therapist 🙄.

  11. She literally tries to destroy men and women alike. Equal opportunity hater… as someone who was sexually abused at a very young age, I literally got sick. Watching her comment on teen Bieber and other young men is unacceptable, no debate about it! There are plenty of handsome and attractive men her own age, to sexualize a minor, even once is predatory and vile. What do we expect of someone who literally has a psych. Degree, put it to use for a career in celebrity gossip and speculation, and now has an established platform, where she literally demeans people for their personal lives, with no credibility. She is a manipulator, by nature or nurture, it doesn’t really matter.

  12. Thank God some people are calling her out with her lies and manipulative show, the first time i viewed one of her videos i knew something was wrong and called her out.

  13. Someone loves animals? Yep they're a psychopath alright! 😂😂 Literally does not make sense at all. Dont serial killers start by killing animals. Can psychopaths even feel the same level of empathy for animals as other people?

  14. After hearing that Harry Styles delusion, her over excessive hate of Taylor Swift makes much more sense. I’m gonna guess she loves Prince Harry too

  15. I think it's a shame because she is, like you said, charismatic and some of her general life advice is really good and empowering (strive for your goals, don't let people put you down, ect). But I find her celebrity run downs a bit hard to swallow.. I never watched her in the past because she talked about celebrities so I wish she'd just cut that part out all together.

  16. 👏🏻Why👏🏻is👏🏻everyone👏🏻surprised👏🏻by👏🏻a👏🏻diagnosed👏🏻narcissist👏🏻being👏🏻narcissistic👏🏻?????👏🏻

  17. I HAVE Schizophrenia and I don't sit down and talk about people with Schizophrenia. It should be the same about anybody unless they're an expert on mental health. Experts are good enough to be objective and it's why they're experts. I don't see a fucking DSM 5 with Shallon nor do I see a degree. She's just diagnosing and implying stuff about people she doesn't know well enough to say anything about. It blows my mind.

  18. Okay I've made one other comment already but let me just say that people who don't actually study psychology can be easily spotted because they are the ones who believe psychology is black and white, one size fits all, and is completely indisputable. I'm not a psychologist, but I spent three years in university studying to be one, and what I learned most from that experience is that psych, like most sciences, is not as cut and dry as people would like to believe it is. psychopathy is incredibly complex, just like any other mental illness or disorder, and cannot be diagnosed with a checklist. if she had properly studied psych for even one moment, she would know that.

  19. Just so all of you know: struggling to find the right medication to manage your disorder or illness is completely normal. medications are not just a one size fits all, not even for the more "well-known" illnesses like depression. and it's especially difficult for those of us with bpd or bipolar disorder or any of the more stigmatized disorders to find the proper meds. as your brain and body change, so will your dosage and even the drugs you need to take. you're not abnormal if your medication needs frequent adjusting. just putting that out there since I know how difficult it was for my friends who needed to constantly change meds and how poorly they thought of themselves because of tactless comments made by people like Shallon.

  20. I've never gone through this much second hand embarrassment. I saw this Harry Styles clip on stan twitter and ever day I'm sad that I'll never get those 30 seconds back

  21. I am glad you're bringing the wrongfulness into light. however, it always seems people open up with the "she is a really good entertainer, she gives really good advice" etc. Unpopular opinion I don't think she gives good advice or is entertaining. all she does is talk shit

  22. This woman disgusts me. I can't believe I ever watched her videos. Once I realized her videos were full of lies and hate, I became extremely uncomfortable. People who know all this and still watch her because she's "entertaining" need to take a good hard look at their lives and choices.

  23. Literally top thing when you search for signs of sociopathy and psychopathy is "cruelty towards animals". Done research my fucking ass

  24. O MY GHOD I USED TO WATCH THOSE HOWCAST TUTORIALS ON KISSING AS A 9 YEAR OLD because they were s c e n d a l o u s and the closest thing to porn i knew how to access:>

  25. her looking like Hailey baldwin? maybe if i take my glasses off and close both eyes they’d look a LITTLE similar

  26. As a fellow middle aged woman, I am embarrassed and disgusted! I’m happy to say my kids (in their late teens) have never heard of her. I was concerned that they would consider her advice. How would any man be attracted to her? She has obviously zero self esteem or awareness.


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